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Elder LawEven when a loved one prepares a will or a trust before dying, many families find it difficult to apply the intricacies of probate and trust settlement to their situation. For most families, there are several possible ways to transfer assets after a loved one dies. At The Schofner Law Firm, we examine your situation thoroughly and help you select the most beneficial option for you and your family.

Probate is a court-supervised process for identifying and gathering a deceased relative's assets, paying taxes, claims and expenses, and distributing assets to beneficiaries. The Florida Probate Code is found in Chapters 731 through 735 of the Florida Statutes. We aim to avoid the hassles of probate court. When court involvement is necessary, we focus on keeping it private, low-cost, and fast.

When a relative leaves an estate or trust, we can help the Personal Representative, Trustee and family settle it while protecting the interests of beneficiaries.

If you want to make sure that your loved one's estate is transferred correctly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, please contact The Schofner Law Firm.



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